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I wrote this on another post but then realized that the subject title had little to do with my questions and there were also too many questions. So here I go again.

To briefly explain my situation; my family and I arrived in Tabatinga,Brazil at the beginning of November, traveled to Manaus the middle of November and had our third child the 10th of December at Unimed Maternidade and are now working on our permanent residence visa based on Brazilian Child/Family reunion. We have an apartment in Tabatinga as that's where we plan on living.
I have attained and paid our GRU for all the family members and scheduled our appointments with the PF.

My issue that I have is concerning the appointments with the PF. They're currently scheduled for February 12(that was the earliest date that the website would give me) but we have some conflicts.
  First, our flight back back to Tabatinga is on January 26th. Would it be possible to reschedule the appointment in Tabatinga? Or would we need to change our ticket?
  Second, our tourist visas will run out the beginning of February before our appointments. Can we extend our visas? If so, how do we extend them? My wife and I have the former tourist visas(good for 10 years) whereas our two older kids have the new E visas.

As another thought, would it be possible to move our appointment to a closer date? There's no option on the website but I didn't know if it could change if you talked to someone personally at the PF.

Also, I lost the agendamento number for my daughter. I have the the request number but was unable to save her agendamento number when I scheduled it, now I have no clue how to retrieve it. Anyone know how to do that?

I'm planning on visiting the federal police tomorrow to see if they can give me any direction as well. My Portuguese isn't all that great yet, so we'll see how it goes.

Olá, fellow Amazonense!
I would follow your plan of going to the "Estrangeiros" office at the Federal Police HQ in bairro D. Pedro II in Manaus - it's clearly marked - and explain your situation at the center counter.  Since your papers are in order and your fees are paid, they should be willing to help.
Good luck - please post how you make out.

I'm with you on this Ab3..the FP aint that busy..kkk

Good advice

As an update:

There were a lot of people there this morning (I'm assuming Venezuelan refugees) so we had to wait a bit, but once someone was able to talk to us they were very helpful.

Because we had already started the process, they said we didn't have to worry about overstaying our tourist visas. On top of that, so long as we bring all the necessary paperwork work we can return at any point before our scheduled appointment to complete the process, though we'll still have to wait in line and hope someone canceled.

So, it did work out pretty well, taking care of our immediate problem. However, it's now given us another problem.
  The only piece of paperwork I was missing a criminal record check. I didn't realize we would need it so I never got it. My former employer has done routine background checks on me before, would that suffice? I don't have a criminal record so I didn't know if that would work or if I would need something from my former local law enforcement or FBI.

Thank you again

Query "Criminal Record" on the Expat Forum. I remember someone posting there family was able to Express the Background Forms to them here in Brazil and it was a lot of work with the back and forth mail, not sure of the time frame. I was never asked for a Criminal Background Check for my documents were through marriage, I do have the report never opened it for fear (kkk). I don't know how true this is yet a person on the forum sent me a private message and they said all the wife had to do was sign a letter stating I was a "good boy" which I believe she did???? Tô the best of my knowledge. Query Criminal Background Check on the "Brazil Forum" I'm sure your not the only person who has faced this dilema. .good luck, the above is not gospel , yet it's my story.

Well here is a recent update on the situation.

We went to the Federal Police earlier this week and it was crowded, I'm fairly certain it is Venezuelan refugees, very sad situation for them. After standing in line for a while I asked an attendant about getting fingerprints, but they were no help.
We returned the next day(much earlier, less people) talked to some attendants, got rerouted several times, but we ended up walking away with our fingerprints, thanks to one of the men in charge of that station!

  For the criminal history record, the U.S. Consulate directed me to a "new"(to me) electronic version that the FBI calls "Identity History Summary Check". You can complete almost the entire process electronically, minus the fingerprints which is really nice.
  The website also states that it only takes 3-5 business days to complete it once they receive the physical fingerprint cards. And you have the option of receiving a PDF via email or a hard copy by mail.

  So, that's what we're doing. I sent the cards via DHL to the FBI and will complete the apostille process through another company called Monument Visa that deals with this sort of thing.

  This has probably delayed our process by about 3 weeks, between shipping and processing, but all things considered this isn't too bad.

So far, so good - hope it continues to go well for you!

Very good info, I'm learning how to jump to the head of the QUE being 63 and if given the chance will borrow a child to get service fast....lol... Best of Luck, it's amazing what one can do with a little help ....

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