Are Malaysians allowed to visit USA?

Im an American married to a Malaysian and I stay in Malaysia most of the time. To my knowledge, my wife isnt allowed to go to USA as a spouse because USA cant prove the marriage ever happened unless it occurred in USA. But can she go as a tourist for two weeks? There is no info through the US embassy. The procedure is that you apply for $330 and its very easy to be rejected and they dont tell you why. Before losing the money, does anyone know and more to the point, are there any Malaysians reading who ever went to US as a tourist? If so, what was the reason you used to be allowed? How long did it take to be approved? How long was the visa term? Was an airline ticket required first?

Your wife could come to the USA on a spousal visa, if you are a USA citizen you can file, will cost more than $330, will be a lot of paperwork, tax returns proving you can support both of you, will take a year or more to be approved.

Mugtech, thats the road I followed the first time and hope never to repeat--and it was two years. That price today is $1150 for the application and $350 for biometric. All this for a 1-2 week visit.

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