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Hi guys
We are looking on coming over through my wife getting a visa and I am looking to start my own company...I already have a gardening landscaping one in the UK but I'm trying to judge if people invest in their gardens and maintaining them if so...also if people do do you know what companies charge etc so I could possibly start formulating a plan.
Also another question with regards to boats that people own are there many companies that service and clean them or move them if required

Cheers for your help and sorry im a bit vague I have a child in one arm and my thumb is getting tired on the phone 😁


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In the case of private households, most owners take care of their gardening and landscaping themselves or employ a gardener full time.

Landscaping companies are mostly solicited for medium to large scale properties like hotels, public gardens, rentals villas and bungalows.
Private and gated complexes also subcontract gardening projects to private companies.
Not sure about the charges...many conditions come into play.

Some people dont have time to look after their garden frequently. A low budget monthly plan can work out.

If you target house-owners (small projects) : you won't get a permit for that because you are directly competing with gardeners who are already struggling to earn a living.

Your project should aim at higher level ,with a plight to probably create jobs for local gardeners.  100% agree with WinstonH both in terms of operations / profitability but also add the complexity of occupation / work permit to it.

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