Accident hit and run... What to do

I met with an accident, other guy escaped. Since his number plate was dirty, I was able to note it down only car brand name, numeric numbers 4 digits and car color. I gave all these details to Najm. Najm gave me 0% paper but without other party info.

When I went to maroor, Officer showed that Najm did not entered any of the other party car info.

What should I do now? It was happened in signal (no camera). He came in Red light and try to take a left turn, I went straight in green light.

Kindly advice

you should go to najm office and tell them . they will help in sha ALLAH

Jazhakkallah khairan brother.

But I don't understand why Najm didn't entered what ever the details I gave regarding the other car?

Hello Niaz:
Inform moroor with details you have, Secound party didn't stop ,
If the accident is small it's better you fix it to avoid long regulation ,
Once morror have details about the car they can track him , ,,,

Why haven't you filed an objection with najam? Accident report from Najm is in 3 languages including Urdu and clearly says that you can raise an objection within 15 days

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