Dp for 11 month baby rejected

Hi all

Quick background about my EP. I was renewed with my current employer by my employer on October with the salary of 5.2 k. Ep approval was successful. I completed two years in my current company on November and my salary was revised to 6 k by December.

My baby was in my husband's DP hut he is planning to switch job and his new employer is not ready to offer him dp salary. So I requested my company to apply do for my baby on January, but it got rejected.

Can any one say what could be the reason?

Is there any chance for success in appeal. Am scared as hell as the baby is too small to either send back to India or to obtain another pass. Please help!!!

First paragraph of your message is confusing. Just let me try to understand by points:

1. Since beginning, you were holding EP (not DP).
2. Your EP was renewed in October’18 on your old salary $5.2k per month.
3. In December’18, your annual pay increased to $6k.

Is that what you are trying to say? If yes, then the DP of your child was rejected as you’re applying DP under you very first time (will consider as new applicant) where your basic salary didn’t qualify to apply DP (basic salary must be $6k or above). MoM record still shows as your salary is $5.2k.

What will you do now?
Ans: Reach out your employer immediately to appeal the case with providing official documents including salary receipt of yours (December month) where it shows $6k was your basic salary. Request MoM to re-consider your child’s case again. Good luck

Not exactly. My salary was revised to 6k per month since December. Am eligible to apply dp for my baby. My confusion is why do they want to reject. Is it coz my salary has been revised twice with in short span? And am getting dp for my bub who is just under a year old who won't work or go to school yet!

Wondering what's the missing piece!!

Sale receipt meaning payslip?

Did you read my message? I have written very clearly based on your input that if your EP was renewed in October with your old salary then how MoM would know what was revised salary in December?

In your appeal, employer has to provide all the evidence to MoM for their consideration.

Ijklpqrs :

Sale receipt meaning payslip?

Yes, pay slip along with banking transfer to proof that employer credited the salary to your account.

Thanks for the info. It was rejected saying I don't meet the eligibility criteria for dp. My employer has sent the letter to them for revised salary. I do have another question.

It still says the status as rejected in the application. Tentatively how long will it take for MOM to accept and process. Any idea on that?

Of course, it will say you are not met the eligibility criteria because your salary in their record is $5.2k.

If you read our various responses, we have said that the status report won’t change till its approved.

How Long it will take? It depends on the complete report with evidence submitted by your employer. Then, it may take less than a week or two to see the result, but in child case, it should be one or two days only. Good luck

Do they reply when the appeal is made. My employer says he didn't receive any information after the appeal. Quiet confusing. Do we get any automated email or something when the appeal is made. How do we know that the application reached MOM(we do it online)

Ask employer to check with MoM to confirm whether they have received appeal with documents. Same thing, they can do for result update. Good luck

surya2k is right. When your employer updates your salary, they need to notify MOM about the change else MOM wont know to update your salary record. The employer may forget to do that since it is not required

"If you raise the salary
You don’t need to inform us immediately unless you are applying for dependant privileges."

I guess that your HR has not notified MOM about your salary change before applying the DP. Please check with them carefully.

DP is the most straightforward pass among the passes for foreigners in Singapore. In most of the cases, as long as the main pass holder meets the criteria (currently 6K), the pass will be approved within 3 hours - 1 working day.

https://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permi … of-changes

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