AT&T iPhone 8 Plus unlock

I have an iPhone 8 plus from AT&T and I would like to get it unlocked. Has anyone done this and can you help?

I don't know for sure but think you should try asking Viettel - the biggest communication corporation in VN - as they supposedly have necessary means to do this. Wish you luck!

I had mine unlocked in the States before moving here.

If the phone is paid off and not under a contract, you can call ATT to have them unlock your iPhone. That's one thing I don't like about ATT. They sell you a locked phone. Verizon phones are almost all unlocked and I've used mine in VN when I go back with the VN sim card.

I was still under contract with T-Mobile, but they was very understanding.  As it was a family plan with other family members stayed on after we left, T-Mobile was willing to unlock it immediately after hearing our explanation.

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