Help!!!!! Proper Entry into Portugal past 90 days! Stuck need Help

I am just beginning to try and figure out what I need to do to make entry to Portugal as a temporary resident. My consulate in San Francisco has been extremely difficult to reach to determine what forms do I need completed to be able to stay in the country past 90 days .

Here is what I have learned:
1) US passport will allow 90 day stay
2) Can apply for temp residency. Do I apply now in US or can I wait to apply when I arrive???
3) How long does it take to get a temp resident approved?
4) It mentioned leaving Portugal after 90 days and then returning? Where? How Long?

1) yes, as a tourist in the Schengen zone
2) apply in the US at the Portuguese Consulate in San Francisco
3) anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months (it depends on your application, if your documents are in order and if you actually qualify and how far along you are in the queue)
4) "it mentioned" — where are you reading this?

You'll find the information you're looking for in these files, in this group: … sPT/files/

Hi, we are a peruvian family living in india and moving to portugal in two months.
My wife and children have spanish passports.
Her spanish passport is due five days after we arrive. Her peruvian passport is due on 2020 (peruvians dont need visa for 90 day stay).
Can we arrive with a one way ticket?
Could she renew her passport there and then begin the process of calling her husband, with us already living there?
The big Question: will they let us in?
2nd: which documents will we need (like marriage certificate, etc)?
Thank you very much

Have you visited the Portuguese embassy over there?
They have all the exact knowledge to reply to your questions.
When you do, you know for sure that the info you have gotten is 100% accurate

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