any chance my visa application gets rejected? (family immigration)

so it’s been only a month since my application was forwarded to udi.

i'm very concered because the police said apparently i’ve been staying in norway illegally, however, as my case is kind of complicated even to them, they can’t assure anything.

here is my case. before coming to norway, i was legally working in london. i often travelled to schengen countries including norway. i entered norway on august as a tourist to marry with my man of 4 years finally. i can stay in norway for 3 months without visa, so i didnt worry at all what will come in the future. i doublechecked with my homecountry’s embassy and tripplechecked online. i travelled to russia for a new stamp just to be safe in case on october. when we finally went to hand in our documents, she counted all the days i stayed in schengen countries for the last 6 months and said apprently im illegally staying in norway at the moment. we were so shocked. she was also suprised finland didnt stop me when i stopped over to transfer to russia which we also dont know why. i got so scared and almost cried imagining me in jail (lol) but the police rather calmed me down and they forwarded it to udi anyway. now its on the queue to be proccessed. is there anyone who had similar experience with me here? am i likely to get rejected and blow the application fee? 🥺

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