Need advise on Annual leave calculation

Is there anyone who can advise me on  the computation of annual leave ( paid leave ) criteria.My basic salary is 500

I joined the company on 6 th Sept 2017

I went on annual vacation for 15 days .starting 20 th December till 4 th January 2019

I received only 500 and i thought its only for leave salary and expected December Salary once i come back .For December 25 Days working days ( 25 th November to 20 th December )

Also  i resumed duty on 5 th January and will i be entitled for January salalry in February and also  (Will i get December 25 Days salary now .

Hi renniefairoz,

Every employee is granted 15-days of paid holiday for every 6-months of uninterrupted work done.

The vacation can be availed once a year for 30-days or can be split into two of 15-days each.

Regarding your monies, you must discuss it only with your company H.R. and Accounts teams as only they would know how the organisation calculates these compensations.

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