Settle Down in Zhongshan, Guangdong

Don’t know why I come to this Forum.  Unlike you real expat, I’m just a Chinese girl left this country in the Eighties, briefly back and forth, and back for good…?   

Too much going on, good and bad. 

The good things are expensive, such as fixing up the house, becoming VP member of JD for online shopping spree, enjoying different milk tea and coffee every other day. 
Bad news are a few, including losing 3 budgies already, one escaped with the help of local sparrows and two died in the frost.  I’m guilty. 

Oh, an utterly terrifying theme I would not forget:  A delivery guy carrying in my huge refrigerator on his back with one single rope!  It was petrifying.  What if he hurt himself, or hurt himself…forget about the fridge. 

Maneuvering my car everyday among motorcyclists, frightened that I might hurt one of them, if not today, could be tomorrow...  Some cyclists’ driving are suicidal. 

Dogs, I adore.  But dogs in China are so in guard…like I’m going to hurt them?  Breaks my heart.

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