how to registre m'y marry in romania??

hello friends....i marry finally with m'y romanian girl in tunisia.....i get certificate of marry and papers ........i called romanian embassy in Tunis to sée how to register m'y marry in romania ....but they Saïd me its complicated to résolve this hè better if u send papers to ur wife and there she can résolve fast ........!! soo m'y wife was in municipalité to sée what néed ....and like always they dont know what need !! she not find no solution...........!! and i hope to find some informations hère..... thnx

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Have a look at these 2 websites : … in-romania … e-romania/

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thèse sites not help me...not find nothing there !! thnx


Civil Service Office - Bucharest
Address: Bd. Mare?al Averescu nr. 17, Sector 1, Bucure?ti

1 - You may get in touch with the nearest Romanian embassy in the country you are
    currently staying. The Embassy's consular service section will be able to help you
   register your marriage in Romania.

2 - With the declaration of marriage, the spouses must also submit the following   

- Proof of identity of the applicants (original and photocopy). Applicants may present
   these following documents:
- Romanian nationals - ID card, temporary identity card or passport Romanian citizen
   who has established permanent residence abroad
-  For citizens of the European Union or European Economic Area - the ID or passport
   issued by the state where they belong
- For stateless persons - passport issued under the Convention on Statelessness in 1954,
   accompanied by permanent and temporary residence permit, if applicable
- For third-country nationals - passport issued by the State concerned are to be applied
  visa in Romania; visa must be valid as from the date of submission of the declaration
  and the date of the celebration of the marriage;
- For citizens who were granted a form of protection in Romania - travel document
  issued under the Geneva Convention of 1951 or, if applicable, travel document for
  aliens who have subsidiary protection - humanitarian protection and identification card
  issued by ORI ;
- For citizens of asylum seekers in Romania - passport issued by the State concerned are
  accompanied by temporary identity document.

- Birth certificate, original and copy;
- Valid medical certificate on health status
- Original documents and copies, translated and notarized or certified by the officer of
  civil status showing dissolution of previous marriage, if applicable;
- Proof that the application fee was paid
- Proof previous marriage dissolution, the following documents may be presented:
        Divorce decree issued by the courts
        Divorce certificate issued by notary offices or city halls.
- Proof of termination of the previous marriage is the death certificate of former spouse,
  with the attached certificate of marriage.

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