EP rejected ! Reason by HR was salary Is different than Job

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I am working on Singapore holding an EP.

I got new job offered and new employer applied EP on 24/12/2018 but On 7/11/2019 EP was rejected. 

The reason HR gave to me that offered salary is more than salary range in mentioned in job bank.

Actual fact is when I went for interview  for Job title A  and after interview they offer me Job title B.

Title A was posted in job bank and title B was not posted as far as I know and see in job bank.

Now employer post the Job title B and told me they will appeal for my EP pass.

May I know is there any chance to get it approved in this case?


A foreigner can only be hired after a job is posted on the jobs bank for two weeks without any suitable local person applying.
Apparently your employer did not do that (and thus your EP was rejected). So they have to post it now and if you are lucky (i.e. no applicant) they can apply for your EP afterwards.

Beppi rightly said about the issue.

Now, employer has to provide valid rationale with proof that they tried locally and didn’t find a suitable employee with the required skills set for the position before they appeal at MoM.

Good luck

Thanks for reply @surya2k and @beppi.

So in this case it seems like they do advertisement only for the sake of formality.

Initially they apply without advertisement then pass rejected.
Now They want to appeal the rejected pass based on this advertisement.

What do you think weather it workable or what? 


They cannot advertise just for formality - they must, by law, preferentially hire any local applicant. Only if there is no suitable local applicant, then they can hire a foreigner (e.g. you).

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