Cost of Living in Seam Reap, Kampot, Kep, et al

I first started travelling to Cambodia back in 2006 and have been living/working full-time in Phnom Penh since 2011.  Over the years there's been tremendous growth / changes / improvements throughout the country - good for the country but it's putting prices up and PP in particular has become one giant construction site.

Am thinking of relocating myself and business to another city in Cambodia and have been considering places like Siem Reap, Battambang, Kep, Kampot, etc.

PP is certainly good for amenities but it's getting more and more expensive to live and work here, not to mention the loss of time & sanity to get anywhere in this city cause of the traffic and, is it just my imagination or is the rubbish problem, pollution & dust getting worse and worse every year?

Any suggestions on alternative bases for living/working?  Only major requirements would be to have furnished accommodation (I will sell everything here in PP before I move), able to get a decent Internet connection (since I run a website, SEO and newsletter development business) and a good coffee shop within easy commute distance.  Also, need to be able to recruit Cambodian's interested in website development, management training, etc

Have you looked at Battambang? I was only there for a few weeks but I believe many of the needs you have are covered. I really enjoyed the restaurants, coffee scene, and the slower pace of life there. I'm traveling full time but have a retirement visa here and for me it would either be Kampot or Battambang for something that you may be looking for. I stay in Phnom Penh when I return. At the current time I would not choose Sihanoukville because of the reasons cite as wanting to leave PP.

Just my feelings though and I have not been here as long as you and do not have a business to run. Just a retired old guy doing whatever ;-)

Hi I may move there interested in any advice you have have I'm also retired at the moment living in Thailand but getting more difficult to stay here

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