Hello from Australia!

Hey Guys!

I'm currently living in Australia and looking for potential work in Vietnam for this year. I've been in talks with a recruitment agency in Hanoi and also applied for work via vietnamworks.com in the Marketing industry.

I'm fairly open to any potential opportunities, can anyone suggest any other platforms I could look for work? Or is it easier to come over and apply for work when I'm in the country?

Thanks so much!

Hi Brit,

I think now in VN LinkedIn is also a good platform as it's the most professional social network for employment. And you'd better study and cross-check if feasible your chances and opportunities before leaving Australia as it would help save your time and efforts as well as avoid job scams against expats. Wish you luck!

Hey! Thanks so much for getting back to me!!! I'll check it out!!!

Yes I get pestered by recruiters in LinkedIn. They do searches for people in Vietnam with skills they want ( like "Vietnam marketing" ) so make your current country Vietnam.

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