wanted to visit my fiance in bahrain

i want to visit my fiance together with our baby in bahrain for couple of days or just a week. and dont know whom to ask and im hoping someone can suggest what can we do to get there, the process we have to do, the requirements

You haven't given ANY details for anyone to be able to answer that.

For example:

1) What is your fiance's visa status in Bahrain?
2) What are your nationalities?
3) Is your fiance's company ok to sponsor you for Bahrain visit visa?

And at the end of the day, if your fiance is working here, then he should be able to arrange visas for you through his company or an agent.  Worst case, you can apply on the evisa site.

Browse the forum - there are literally dozens and dozens of threads on this.

sorry for lack of info... were both filipino citizens here in the philippines. he has working visa in bahrain

Ok.  Read what I wrote above; he can ask his company to sponsor visit visa for you or through an agent or apply for evisa.

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