The Best of Retirement Living

Welcome to beautiful Portugal,from green pine and intoxicating  eucalyptus in the north to ocean breeze and sunset of Algarve.
I became a lover of all things here,weather,food,wine, landscape, during a holiday 30 years ago with my now husband ,he is from a small town north of Lisbon.Working as a welder in Lisbon and around the country most of his youth I had a personal guide for all the  medieval  history,monuments,and stone castles,sitting along the avenues having coffee and irresistible  pastry or a cold beer for a couple of euro. Walking along Pria do Roche beach in Portimao where we reside is like a Jurassic Park movie. Cave like restaurants in the north with delicious BBQ meats,fresh vegetables great full bodied wines to fresh fish grilled while sitting on a patio under a umbrella with sunglasses and sandals what more could you ask for to relax in your well earned retirement.European countries are close,take a small jet and carry on luggage from Faro to Barcelona,France,Germany for a few days cheap .

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