Accommodation monthly rent

Seems very expensive compared to Thailand what sort of prices for a 1 bedroom place on the outskirts of pp or siem reap and is it safe

Cheaper than Thailand.

You can have a room in a hostel for as little as $5 per night.

Search and you will find.



Thank Joe what I really mean is long term when I move to Cambodia I'm looking for just a small place to live year on year when I retire there outside of the main citys, a rulral area close to a city would be ok, in Thailand I'm paying abot3000 baht a month or around 100 dollars a month
Have yearly contract

Cambodia is much more expensive as Thailand or Vietnam, specially if u want to rent a property. The prices in Phnom Penh are very high, specially if u are with your family. It depends as well what kind of property are u looking for.

Completely depends what you want.

Just a 1 bedroom with a toilet and show unfurnished but would be better if it had a bed

Salavan, you will have to search for your special wish yourself once you get here.

My advise is to come over, get yourself a cheap hostel at $5 for a month and look around. All accommodation near larger cities is more expensive than upcountry.
So go to some provinces and have a look there.

On the other hand there has been a thread about $50 - $100 accommodation in Siem reap, so have a look there and contact the people who wrote that. You might find something there.
Here is the link: … 92#4448597

Btw Cambodia is cheaper than Thailand, PP is 20% cheaper than Bangkok, so don't believe stories of Cambodia being more expensive.

Good luck.


I lived in a few countries in South East Asia and never spent so much money on rent and food like in Cambodia. I moved to PP in September and still trying to figure it out how the people from here can survive with a few hundred USD salary. Cambodia importing almost everything, this is the reason of high prices.

Zonemes, you should look around more carefully, you obviously haven't found the right places.

This is the reality:

Indices Difference    Info
Consumer Prices in Phnom Penh are 14.24% lower than in Bangkok
Consumer Prices Including Rent in Phnom Penh are 19.53% lower than in Bangkok
Rent Prices in Phnom Penh are 31.49% lower than in Bangkok
Restaurant Prices in Phnom Penh are 15.71% lower than in Bangkok
Groceries Prices in Phnom Penh are 20.47% lower than in Bangkok
Local Purchasing Power in Phnom Penh is 60.18% lower than in Bangkok

Source: … Phnom+Penh



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