Drinking water

Caution on Gallon bottles of Drinking water.
It was brought to my attention that not all gallon water bottles contain safe drinking water and did not pay much attention to this untill I witnesed some being filled from a hose pipe.
Apparently the Aqua genuine ones have blue and white sealed caps where the other none genuine have just a dark blue cap.
Does anyone have further information on this to ensure we are not at risk healthwise and secondly being ripped off.

That has been happening for years. You should always check that the gallon you buy is from Aqua if that is your brand.
If you are unsure then you can buy them in Indomaret or large supermarkets that way it will always be the real thing.

I agree with Luke. I always buy from places like Alfamart as there are way too many fakes around.

Lots of people can easily obtain genuine plastic caps for the bottles obtain from genuine vendors or do what I did get a filtration system

Thanks all for your responces. Will use Alfamart in future

Just a tip. During holidays and festivals water gallons seem to dry up so always have a spare one or 2 to get you by.
Once the deliveries miss a day everywhere seems to run out all at once.

I keep three, buying when two are empty.

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