advice please on moving with family......where? expat life?

Hi, We live currently in Marrakech, we own and run a hotel here. We are considering selling up and relocating to SL to do the same thing again, but on a smaller level. Having visited SL we are in a quandary as to where to set up shop! We have a 10 year old who will need schooling (obv!) and this may well be the determining factor as to where to settle. I;d love some input with this, and would also like to know how easy it is to meet people too! Thank you in advance :)

Good schools for English medium education were usually located around Colombo and Kandy but there were other good schools even in Galle, and there were also some schools run by the church here and there, also provided English medium education. That was the situation when I was there but take a look at it now … _Sri_Lanka  I am getting more and more fond of SL my birth country.

I have been to few counties so far I think SL is one of the countries that you meet people without making any effort at all.

Concerning your business plan, If I were you I would have hire a real professional business consultant to get all the government benefit out of it, and a good lawyer to be more safe. All the best!

Hi Woof,

Hope this mail finds you well. I know personally one moroccan family lives here in Kandy with there kids. But they are not doing any business. Get in touch with me so i can share there contact details. You may ask directly from them how there experience so far. So you know exactly what are you looking for.

Also when it comes to open a business, be cautious with your investment decisions. Having a feasibility study in advance save you and your money.

Good luck and Masalama.


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