Bought my car !

I was looking and finally came across a good Honda CR-V  -
For those newbies. - in the city we took the paperwork  as the title to be signed over, then to another office around the corner for the registration.  Must bring 2 copies of your passport and the paperwork. One for each office.  cash only  less than $40 . Not bad. As it was 2nd hand no taxes. Weee!  Never get away with that in the states.  Never ever go to do this in shorts! They would not let the seller in and he had to go home and get some pants on .  Next Panapass - for tolls. In the building then back to the pumps then back to the building - then back to the pumps and they put the sticker on for you. $10  But it’s not loaded!  I chose to go to El Rey grocery store and pay the reg cashier to load it. After standing in line at those “pay all” cashiers for cable etc.  Learn as you go.  Both seller and buyer must be present.  I thank my seller for his time to take me and get it all done - now to open my eyes and learn to drive in this mayhem !

Congrats! Yeah, many visits to the copy machine but you walk out with your title in hand.

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