Looking to know salary and expenses to live in KL

Hi All,

I am a software engineer with 15 years of experience and have a offers to RM 28,000 from KL based company. I am married with 2 kids class 3 and class 1 and spouse is a homemaker, so this is the only income I will have.

I am looking at some basic details to decide how much I can potentially save from this salary. RM 28,000 is in total + employer contribution of EPF will be there. No other frills even medical is only covered for me only.

Can group suggest -

1. Tax on this salary as an expat
2. Rental and other expenses for living
3. Kids schooling in a decent international school, I don't want to compromise here and understand Indian school are so not very good.
4. Potential saving

Overall is it a good salary or not.

Thanks in advance


Type in your browser: 
"numbio cost of living"

Also, please type:
"salary calculator in kuala lumpur malaysia"
teleport gives a median salary for a sofware engineer RM 21,000

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