Receiving a package from the uk to Chiangmai

Hi all,

I’ve just moved to Chiangmai and will be staying here for 6 months.
This week I was planing to purchase a new laptop, but ideally I do need an English keyboard so I am planning to have one shipped from the uk to Chiangmai.

My dad has agreed to ship it for me but as I currently don’t have an apartment would anyone be able to recommend how to do this and what the best way to ship it from the uk would be? Is there a secure place I can have it sent to and picked up in Chiangmai?

Any help and recommendations would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!

... I guess you are staying somewhere with an address?

"Poste Restante" should work for the post office in Chiang Mai … n-bangkok/

Now - when it comes to computers, I recommend you check export (from UK) and import (Thailand) restrictions prior to having it sent. Check the import tax rules as well - and be ready to pay a significant amount of it.

May be just having sent an English keyboard only is an option?

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