Is DKK 600.000 a good salary

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I have been offered a job in Copenhagen and below are the contract conditions. I say sorry in advance for asking loads of questions,  but desparately need your valuable inputs on this job offer.

- DKK 600.000 salary
- Local contract with 37 working hours per week
- Pension 11% company share, 5% self contribution
- Pension plan including life, accident, health, disability, critical illness, etc
- Annual bonus minimum 5% limited to 16%. But bonus depends upon company and individual performance

Can someone please throw some light on my gross and net income? Any supportting calculations will be highly appreciated. How much taxes will be applicable and above all is this salary good enough for a couple with one 7 year old kid.

My wife will be a home maker initially for 1-2 years. And my daughter will have to join an international school (preferably IB) for which I need to cover the educational expenses.
As there will be 3 CPR's, is it mandatory to rent a two bedroom apartment?

Is the company's share of 11% in addition to my salary i.e it is not included in DKK 600.000. Please clarify.

As I understand Copenhagen city centre is quite costly, any preferences which kommune should I stay to save some taxes but without much compromising the quality of life. One way travel up to 30-40mins by train is fine for me.

Alternatively, i know there aren't any road tolls around Copenhagen area. So if I bring in my car from Norway, would I be better off rather than using the public transportation?

Isn't there a concept of annual holiday pay in Denmark? In Norway, this is equivalent to nearly 12% of your annual income that is being paid to employees to help them cover the holiday expenditure.

Any pointers on cost of living comparison between Oslo vs Copenhagen? No say on the work culture, all Nordic cities are at par.

Is there something else that I should be aware of?

Humble request to please provide your replies preferably within tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.

Amit Pawar


In Denmark income taxation is very high. Easily 40%-50%
If i remember correctly, top taxation is 69%
Salary is very good if 600.000Kr but its gross salary so you need to pay a lot of taxes.
Of course danish healthcare, education etc is at high level with no or minimal cost.

Hi Amit,

I just joined and would love to help. But I can see that your question is already almost 2 months old, so not sure if it is still relevant?

Let me know if you still have questions. I could give some input on many of the questions you have posted above.

Sunny greetings from Roskilde,

hi Amit
Did you move to copenhegen.
How is the experience.

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