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Hello, Im from Philippines. I got an offer from Oman with a basic salary of OMR420, food allowance OMR130, Free accomodation. Working as site supervisor in Villa located at Muscat. Im actually a civil engineer. But as we know civil engineer is banned in Oman for expat. So I take the offer for site supervisor. Is this Salary Offer is a good offer? I am single but you know Pilipino love thier family soo much so I need also money to be send for my family in Philippines. Thanks

Hi naldex12345,

For a bachelor, the figure quoted is fair, with accommodation taken care of.

Please read the numerous other information-filled posts on the forum under the topic 'Cost of Living'. You will get more than a fair idea of the expenses and how much you can save.

thanks Mr. Sumitran

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