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Hi, my name is Guillaume and I'm in Laos for 1 year as a volunteer for CUSO International. I will work with The Asia Foundation in a legal aid program. I'm actually looking for a house to rent in Vientiane. Any kind of help is welcome. Thanks!

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I suggest an online search for agents. Have you asked any work colleagues for help.
There are often house rentals advertised in the windows of expat type grocery shops around Vientiane.
Rental houses are expensive in Vientiane. You may be better off looking for an apartment.
Until you find something, and to give you time to do so without rushing, perhaps a guesthouse or smaller hotel will suffice for a month or so. The rates can be negotiated for long term stays at hotels, guesthouses.
I bedroom apartments can be found for $300 to $500. 2 Bedroom from $600 upwards. Houses go for $1200 up to $3000 or more.

Thank you very much!

You are welcome.
You may find a room in an apartment which may be the cheapest way to go.

I have had lots of dealings with Mr Sai from Saiward's real estate. Though I don't like to advertise on this site. He has been honest and helpful in finding accommodation for my staff.

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