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Hi, I am a foreigner living in ksa and I want to open a small business in oman.. I want to know how much it would cost to open a business in oman and what are the rules for a foreign investor.. Thanks!

Hi Afnanaaa17,

Please visit the Sultanate of Oman's Ministry of Commerce and Industry website for all details.

You could also do a site search using relevant keywords here. There have been many discussions on this forum regarding the same subject which would be of use to you too.

Recently i spoke whit an entrepreneurs consultant agency.
This are my conclusions

1. There are several types of business speaking about the budget (A+, A, B, C)
2. An expat never will be the owner of B or C business
3. A+ or A business can be owned by an expat, the budget will be more than 100.000 OMR
4. Small business always belongs to omani citizens in the legal papers, but there is a common situation when the citizen allow their name and ask monthly payment for that, common doesn't mean legal, the risk is up tu you. All the problems are around the corner and you'll never deserve any legal rights.


What you require is to have a partner not a sponsor,  If you need help come to me privately

Thanks,  Harib

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