Medical concern

I went in working visa inn food division in kuwait. I  finished my medical  and was titled fit in my country but when I went there in Kuwait they declared me unfit as they suspect that I might have TB.they made me return back to my country.( i had some medical history in pass but is not transferable) and when I re did my medical again in my country I am I wanted to ask can I apply to Kuwait in working visa again or now  I won't be able to work in Kuwait?

Plz ans me asap.

What you need to understand is that your medical in your home country does NOT matter for the GCC.  It is just a check to save your time and money so you don't get on a plane if not fit.

The medical inside the GCC country is what matters.  If you were marked UNFIT and deported then you are likely to be banned from that country permanently.

You should asked for retest in Kuwait if you was sure you are not unfit.

There was an old story happened in Kuwait few months back , one woman test result showed , that she is pregnant. But she was not , and she complained about that , after retest , result was negative. Mistakes can happened.

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