Reasons to rejected family immigration to Norway

Hi there I am new here. I'm from Thailand and just applied for family immigration with my spouse to Norway.
I don't get any answer from the UDI yet, and still on waiting time. But I am curiously about the reason of the UDI when they're rejected the application.
What's the most important that they use to consider?
Is the UDI check on the reference's background?
If the the reference persons been in jail because of drug when they're was young (10 years ago) it's will have any effect for consider the family immigration?
Thank you for answer
(Sorry I'm not good in English 🤭)

You are still waiting for an answer? These things take time, so might not have been rejected.

Yes, I am waiting for one month now(the normally processing for my case is 3 months).

Exactly, my spouse he's Norwegian, have a job, and his income above than NOK 300 000 pre-tax. But I am just worries is the UDI will care of his previous situation or not

I don't think you have anything to worry about. You will have to wait and see the outcome.

Thanks bro
A worries emotional it's can happen with everybody who on waiting time. 😅😅😅

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