S Pass Application procudure

Hi, everyong.
I'm runnesa. I come from China. On 2018.12.10, I provided the application documents to my company's HR in Singapore and she send me an e-mail to tell me to wait for 4 weeks. Then I checked my application status with the help of MOM's EP Online. I found that my status was approved. However, when I use the EP Online to check my pass validity, it's still invalid. I don't understand, because it should be valid. Besides, I also didn't get the IPA letter from the HR after 4 weeks.
I want to ask if anyone know this situation. Whether my S Pass is approved or rejected?

Status approved is pretty clear. I have no idea why it still says pass invalid (maybe because it is not issued yet?). Ask your company's HR to contact MoM about this!

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