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My name is Monse and I'm planning to move to the Netherlands with my unmarried Dutch partner and I am so excited.
I would like to know your experiences with the MVV. In my situation I will do the integration exam in the Mexican embassy, and later apply for the mvv permit. My concern is, if I am granted the mvv, could I pick it up directly in the Netherlands, or I would have to do it also in Mexico?
I am aware of the waiting time for the exam results, mvv approval and passport stamp. But I would like to know if it's possible to wait for the last 2 procedures in the Netherlands.

Hope you can tell me about your experience!

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

If you're asking can you do your MVV, then move to Holland to wait for the results, then no - you can't do that.  You need a visa to enter Holland and once you apply for MVV, then that is your visa application, you can't apply for another while you wait.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hey Cynic! thanks for your answer.
Not per se move already, I was going to a wedding in NL anyways and its possible for Mexicans to travel in Europe for three months without any kind of visa. It's like a tourist permit.
Maybe someone else had a similar situation?


Hi again,

The visa you're describing is the 90-day tourist visa, you can't use that while waiting for your MVV.  You can use your 90 days visa to attend the wedding, then return to Mexico and apply for your MVV.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

But my boyfriend will apply for the MVV as the "sponsor" even before the wedding. Then I just happen to also go to NL around that time and I plan to actually travel too. Then it means I shouldn't go as a tourist either?
And as a sponsor, could he just pick it up in the NL or should I still need to go back? 

Sorry if I am a bit confusing. Thanks for your replies! I appreciate it.

Hi again.

I think perhaps you (or someone else) misunderstands the Dutch visa process.  The process where a sponsor applies for an MVV relates to special groups of migrants where their future employer sponsors the applicant and it has specific requirements.  To be a sponsor, the person/organisation has to be registered with the IND and will appear on one of the four registers of authorised sponsors.

As your boyfriend, he cannot apply for your MVV, you must apply for it.  Put very simply, MVV is a dual permit that allows the holder to both live and work in the Netherlands for the duration of that specific visa (generally 5 years), after which the holder can apply for permanent residence in the Netherlands.  MVV is an integration process, where the Dutch government try to ensure that the applicant is able to be a part of Dutch society by being able to speak Dutch (part of MVV is a Dutch language exam) after you pass the exam, the Dutch government assess whether you are suitable to work in the Netherlands.  There are some family-style visas that also require MVV.

The tourist 90-day visa (known by some as a Schengen visa) is what it says, you can travel to and visit any Schengen country for a period of 90 days in a 12 month period.  You cannot work anywhere in the EU.

In chronological order, you could attend the wedding on a 90-day permit, then return to Mexico and apply for your MVV, you can't apply for MVV from within the Netherlands.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hello Cynic.
Thanks for your reply. It was very helpful :)

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