Weddings in San Miguel de Allende - Safey Concerns

Hello All,

My fiancé and I will be hosting our wedding in the beautiful SMA! We visited a few months ago and knew this was a very magical place and wanted to have our wedding there. We stayed in SMA for 5 nights, we felt very safe, and didn't run into any crime. We were actually surprised how quiet it was at night!  However, when I told my family (we live in California), they were not too keen on the idea of traveling to Mexico due to safety concerns, and they made the choice of not attending. I feel like a lot of their fear is politically and media driven. We are interested in hearing from expats regarding their experiences in SMA, do you feel safe...would you travel to SMA for a couple of days for a wedding? I am interested in hearing your thoughts! TIA.

Media reporting drives paranoia. Like anywhere else in the world you need to maintain awareness and not engage in risky behavior. Flashing money, jewelry and other obvious bling is unwise in most locales in or out of Mexico. SMA is among North America’s most popular wedding locations but if you want to include your paranoid relatives, SMA is a magnificent place for a honeymoon too!

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