Englishman looking to find out everything Ukraine.

Hi everyone,

My name is Geoffrey, Geoff for short. I'm new here and this is my first post.

I've lived in Canada for five years and Latvia for three, but  now I am  back in the UK - Kent.

After much reserching to decide where to live, I have decided Ukraine is the place I would like to explore and possible live permanently one day.

One quiestion at a time I think: What are the best Web sites to start to understand  Ukaranian Culture and its infrastructure? Transportation. Buses, Trains...

I would like to ask lots more but I think one thing at a time is best.

Thanks for any replies...


Hi Geoff. The basic information about Ukraine you may take from Wikipedia, or traveling web sites such as http://www.traveltoukraine.org.

Most interesting cities are Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv. The other big cities are Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, but they are mostly industrial.

The best way of transportation is railway (official web-site: uz.gov.ua). It is better to use intercity trains. In 5-6 hours from Kyiv you could reach any other big city of Ukraine.

Main bus companies are Autolux and Gunsel. For small distance it is better to use local buses (marshrutka).

Main local airline company is IUA (International Ukrainian Airlines).

If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks, for the info Alex, lots to look at a reserch.

If I need anything specific I'll contact you...

Thanks again, :)


The best way to learn all this is to start speaking Russian, get on a plane and immerse yourself.

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