Hi I am coming to Bahrain to work from the end of January. My husband is accompanying me. He will need to bring his medications with him. He has a GP letter and prescription. Is this sufficient for customs or do we need something else?

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Welcome to Bahrain, and for the prescribed medication for your husband. Its ok he can always bring them with him, as long as he has the GP prescription with him.
I just advice you not to bring them in  your hand carry bag.
Just book them with your other luggage if you are not on a direct flight.
Hope the same medication is available in Bahrain too.

Hi but surely we should put them in our hand luggage and declare them at customs? So confused?? :(

Use the search button.  We have had discussions on this topic before.

See this thread:

And to clarify, in this part of the world, most drugs which are prescribed elsewhere in the world, are available over the counter.  For example, you can pretty much buy almost all antibiotics over the counter without a prescription - some pharmacies ask to see them but most don't.

The only medicines which require a prescription to purchase are ones which fall under the category of "controlled medicines".   This varies from country to country within the GCC but generally speaking, it has drugs with potential for abuse (e.g. tramadol for addicts or stuff like misoprostol for abortions etc), psychotropic medicines and others.  If you are carrying these kind of medicines, then you need to refer to thread above where I have already advised on how to do that.

Also, I would never advise putting medicines into checked-in luggage unless it is extra quantity which you can't carry. 

Majority of the time, if the medicine is not a large quantity, no one bothers to even check at customs.  Don't bother with a declaration.

The reason people are telling you to put it in your checked bag,  because every airport you go through they will pull it out check through it and also maybe test it and it can be embarrassing, aslong as you have a letter from the gp and a copy of prescription keep this with you incase you are asked for it there should be no problem. I travel to Bahrain regularly from the UK  with my prescription 1 months supply i always keep it in my checked bag and i get my letter from my gp and a copy of my prescription and ive never had any problem, if you want to ask me anything your worried about please message me.

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