Road biking

I will move to ecuador soon and will visit the month of February. I have been in that country 4 times before. I want to live on the coast where one can ride like 50 km per day using wide paved shoulder or maybe bike path. Manta region maybe?

Although many people in Ecuador and Colombia do ride bicycles my first reaction is that a foreigner is literally taking his life into his hands - or rather, delivering it into the hands of others whose driving habits seem designed to end their lives early, as well as the lives of others...

But this article notes that ciclismo de ruta or road biking in Ecuador is getting better and even has some roads designed with cyclists in mind, with parallel lanes.  It specifically mentions roads in Puerto López, Bahía de Caráquez and Canoa: … -ruta.html

It also gives an overview of several other areas where there are improvements for bicyclists, or where at least you have a better chance of staying alive.

If you do an internet search for
ecuador club ciclismo de ruta will find many helpful links about road biking info as well as several clubs in Ecuador that promote bicycling, that you could hook up with.

You are a big help

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