Availability of building materials

Hi All,

I run a design and build organisation that complete humanitarian architecture projects around the world. We have a school project coming up in Ranwas Village, Pentecost Island and need to know the availability of certain materials in advance.

With the remote location, I assume we will need to ship the materials from Port Vila or other larger towns, which is no problem. We have experience working in Fiji but are unsure exactly how different the availability will be in Vanuatu for certain materials? In particular we need some clear polycarbonate roof sheeting... is this something that can be bought at regular hardware stores?

Other queries would be..:
Cyclone Roofing Screws?
Louvre Blade windows?
Construction screws? (amazingly hard to find in Fiji)
Weatherboard? (I've noticed that the village consists entirely of woven bamboo infill)
Tongue and Groove timber flooring?
Threaded Rod?

Many Thanks in advance,

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