EP application - chance of succeeding


I have been asked to move from London to Singapore for my company.

The company is a large bank and i am British citizen.

The salary offered is 17k SGD per month.

I have ~8 years experience.

Do you think this will get approved?

Thanks all

Welcome to Singapore.

Shouldn’t have any problem to get approval of EP, your salary is much higher than to average manager’s salary in Singapore. Good luck


Hopefully shouldn't be be too painful  move then

Not sure what’s the definition of painful move in your statement.

Other than moving to another financial hub (Global rank wise from London (1) to Singapore (3), from Europe to Asia and from cool weather to hot weather) there is not much difference. In fact a much safer place than London or any other European big city to compare. Good luck

Note: You can start exploring about Singapore as there are few peculiar rules are applied in Singapore which you may find surprise.

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