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I will be attending a month long course in Siem Reap next month, and wondered if there are cheap super basic rooms to rent for 50USD per month. I am a mature student, so will be quiet as I'll be studying my butt off.

All around Sissophon we have 'compounds' where you can rent a very basic bedsit for 50 bucks a month adding water n electrictricity 65USD. I can't afford the course AND a 600USD hotel cost.

If anyone can assist I'd be most grateful.

Hi Heather63,
I wouldn't know about such cheap accommodations ($50/month) but what about renting a room in someone's house for around $120/150? Could you afford that? Just in case you don't find anything in your price range.
I've seen them at realtors so maybe you could find one directly online?

All the best,
Myriam H

Hi Myriam,

I will consider that option, for sure.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards


I know of a local person who could rent a room for $50 per month, so such places are available.

Below is an email address for a Siem Reap realtor whom you might try.  She had offered some places to me for $100 per month and said that was negotiable depending on furnishings.

Good Luck.


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I would also suggest checking out

Thank you so much for your response. I will email you shortly for more detail.

Kind regards

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