Adverse information ICA Appeal

Hi All,
I need some input from you guys! I have been living in Singapore for nearly 12 years (since Secondary School on ASEAN scholarship) and working professionally for more than 2 years.

Recently, I have changed my job and the new company has applied an S-pass for me after my new E-pass application rejected. In my previous company, I was holding an E-pass.

While waiting for the new pass to be approved, I travel in and out from Singapore to Malaysia twice and the second time I got deported. I did not want to fly back Vietnam as I was looking for a new place to settle and thought that the pass will get approved soon.

Now my S-pass application is rejected and MOM said I have an adverse record with ICA. I'm not sure whether it's due to the deport case but it seems most likely. So my new company is willing to help me appeal to MOM but I need to clear the record with ICA.

I heard that some people have to be present in person at ICA but now I don't even dare to fly over even though I am Vietnamese, who doesn't need a visa to visit Singapore.

Is there any visa/pass that my company can appeal to get me in and book an appointment with ICA?

What would be the process to clear my record with ICA?

I would appreciate if you guys can provide some tips on how to clear the record with ICA so my company can appeal for my S-pass.


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