Starting a Boutique Villa with a restaurant

Hi, I am a Sri Lankan who moved to Melbourne. Me and my husband want to head back to Sri Lanka in 2020 in the hopes of renovating may parents property which is by the side of the beach in Colombo into a boutique hotel with a restaurant consisting maybe of 6-10 rooms. We actually don’t know where to start. I am a dual citizen who holds both Sri Lankan and Australian citizenship. Any advice on where we can start in order to get the wheels in motion would be great. Or if there is a mentor or an industry expert out there would love to here from you.

Better now than never. Sri lankan tourism expected to boom in coming years.
Good luck.

What a sweet guy you are Superman

Take a look at the Sri Lanka Tourist Board website for starters, and unless you are going to invest US500,000 or above (in which case you should also visit the website of the BOI), just about everything will be easier if you apply for licences and permits in your name as a Sri Lankan citizen.

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