I want to go home

I was a new domestic helper here in saudi  . November 24 i go here in saui arabia ..i started to work November 26.. My salary was delayed and they just give my family 500SAR but in the contract said 1500SAR. They just said to.me that the government says that all filipino workers needs an atm  your salary you can receive it for 3months .. They said i am under observation for 3months and they just keep my salary in three months in my atm. But in the contract says that they will give my salary every month..its hard to work here and the salary is delayed and not good. Can i come back home that i cant pay for visa iqama etc.

Contact your agency in the phils and tell them everything. The agency can still pull you out from your employer and they can contact them and complain about your salary.

I say to them my situation here .. but still they contact the agency here they said i just wait ..its almost 2weeks delay the 1k riyal.. thanks for replying.. can i just said to them that i want to go home ..they ca  send me home?

I just want to ask if you know how much they give the agency to have a domestic helper and get here in saudi arabia?i only just want to know. Thanks for who will response.

If your salary in the contract is 1500 then it should be 1500. The agency in the phils will contact their agency in saudi and then they will talk to your employer why they only gave 500. If the employer will still not give the correct amount, the agency will decide if they will pull you out but i think they will just put you to another employer. That is what happened to one of my friends. When her employer is not giving her the correct salary, she made a complaint to the agency and the agency just transferred her to another place. I think they will not let you go back to the phils unless it is a matter of life and death. Just wait for their advice.

Hi ,I am also a Filipino who work here at Saudi Arabia as a homecare nurse. I also want to go home because my father is 75 yrs old and he scheduled for an operation with heart problem condition. I ask my employer if I can have my vacation since I  haven't experience any day off when I started here. I stayed there almost 9 months, My nday to Sunday duty. My employer won't allow me to go back in my place of origin. But she just told me, I need to work hard and send the money for my father's needs and to pay for a private nurse instead. I explained to my employer that money doesn't matter anymore if something happen to my father and so I am planning to resign this month. I hope someone can help how to get out of here.
Thank you

Me too they said they dont want me to go home.

Usually they give around 15k to the agency for the whole process to request a housemaid! For your case (as you are during the trial period) you have a right to ask your agency to go back home and they would be responsible to get them another housemaid.. All the best Sarah

Right, it's my agency who supposedly gave another nurse but they only told me that my present employer is a good payer every month and she's not physically abuse me, so I need to stay.  It's really hard to work when your mind is flioating and it's in my family. Please I badly need your help . Where can I exactly ask help regarding this matter?

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