Moving personal household items through border

We are near completion of our condo in Mazatlan and want to transport some household items for the condo, driving across the border. What should we expect? What do we need to know? How do we accomplish it? And if anyone has a suggestion, with the current chaos at the border, is there a better border crossing than others? Thanks!

When you get to the border go to Auto-Declaraccion. They will inspect your items and then tell you what to pay if anything. After that you will have papers for those items as being imported.If going to Matzatlan I would suggest you go to the Nogales border.
Good luck.

Thanks this is very helpful. We will be addressing moving issues when we make an appointment at the Mexico Embasy in St Paul.

Probably an appointment with the Mexican consulate would be in order.  That's what we're planning to do before our trip later on this year.

I also just bought a condo in Mazatlan.  My name is John greene from Seattle washington.  Id very much like to keep in touch with you to see how things are going.  Ive found the process to be very frustrating at times.  I'm renting my unit out for the time being as i don't retire for a couple of more years.

let me know if you want to exchange personal emails.
John Greene

:( O yeah?  Where were you when we were looking for a longer-term rental for this summer?  Just joking.  We found one that looks good enough.
We have friends in Seattle, love the city and the whole area.  And the people!!!  We're in Houston...'nuff said.  We visit friends in Victoria once a year, in the fall.

I'm using Mazataln4rent as a property manager for the time being.  Have you heard anything about them?

No, I hadn't.  We found the rental apartment through Vacation Rentals by Owners I believe.  That's what we normally use when travelling.  But I'll make a note of your address.

Mazataln or Mazatlan?

Heh Steve. We were suppose to have closed last November, but the slow process of construction and some communication issues factored in to that not happening as planned. We’ve made a couple trips down to check progress, and included a summer stay to see what weather was like in August. We have recently obtained and communicated with a Notary to help with closing, and it appears we may not need a visa right now if we are initially staying a max of 6 months. Waiting to hear back from local Consulate, and that’s where we are at. Dave and I are both retired now and waiting for our escape from a Minnesota winter.

Six days or six months you will need to apply for a FMM.  If you cross at a land border you can get one when you cross or before on line and just get it stamped when you drive across.  If you fly you can still get one but make sure they stamp for 180 days.   This www site has loads of info on traveling to Mexico and the FMM process or applying for residency.  It's mostly about Baja but applies country wide.   also has great info on all manner of Mexico living i.e.: closing, escrow, trust, mortgages, banking, etc.

Thanks for info James. Will check these websites out.

typo it's mazatlan

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