Drivers license in South Africe

Hello everyone,

my name is Viva and I currently live in Germany. I am moving to Cape Town in Febuary for 4 months, I do have one problem that I hope some of you can help me with...

I do not have a drivers license yet, and I tried to do it here, but I do not have enough time before I am leaving for SA unfortunatly.

I was now wondering, if I, as a french and german citizen, can somehow get a license in SA, I did read something about a license that one can do that is valid for 12 months, which would be great.

Could anyone tell me if I could get a drivers license in the first place, since I am not a south african citizen and, if so, could anyone help me as to where I would need to go and what I would need to bring and how much it would cost, and basically anything that could help me.

Thank you so much!

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