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I am very cosmopolitan. My mother was Hungarian, I speak Hungarian and I spend part of the year at Lake Balaton. It is  beautiful,the climate is not much colder than in Spain,only the winters are chilly.
There is a growing English-speaking community there. My husband was from Alicante and I still spend the winter here,in Alicante. For the rest of the year Lake Balaton seems much better to me.
In Spain there is very much noise, the streets are dirty,there are not enough flowers in the parks..I do not really like it here.
If you also wish to come over to Lake Balaton,I can help you interpreting,meeting the British community there,or looking for a property...

Sounds really interesting. We are looking for a winter retirement home as we find our Spanish villa too cold in the winter.

Will talk to wife and see what she thinks.

My email ***


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Hi, Tim

Please,contact me,if you are interested. Near the big lake there is a smaller one of warm water named Heviz,you can have a bath in the lake all year It is a sort of spa with curative qualities . Perhaps you have heard about it,it is pretty famous. Ryanair has some flights there. And there is an ever-growing British community . I helped an English couple a few years ago to find a plot,they are absolutely satisfied. The houses have good heating in the winter there,not like here ,and it is not so much colder. From spring to autumn it is much more beautiful,so many flowers there are few flowers,in Alicante city the streets often smell of human urine,not of flowers. I am sorry,but my experiences are not good in Spain. But I spoke to British people who came over to Lake Balaton because of the same reason. If you don't meet many locals,you can enjoy the good climate,but if you live in the city, Alicante is noisy,dirty... I came to stay now until March,but I am thinking of going away before...

So if you want to try Lake Balaton or/and Heviz,just contact me

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