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I travelled to Sri Lanka for 3 times now and I really love the country and its people.

I would like to know if there is a possibility to stay in Sri Lanka for 6 months or a year and rent a house. My intention is to start a guesthouse while I'm there just to see if I really like it and if I want to go for residency. It would be a trial and not really meant for making a profit, but more for just to break even. I don't want to risk being evicted from the country, so I would need the right Visa, whichever one that is.
I have been looking into many options, but if there's anyone with some experience or useful information that would really help. I really wouldn't mind working with a local to set this up, I don't want to be just another foreigner starting a business, I'd rather help the local community as well. I really hope to get some new insights!
Many thanks in advance!

Hi Off the Grid,

Normally in sri lanka u can stay either in employment visa or resident permit. One way to have a retain resident permit is to open a guest house. For this u must need to form a company register it as per the company act and get it registered. (You can buy a guest house which is not performing or either you can start from scratch)

Other way is to find a employment in a company where they can sponsor you for resident permit. This method will be the easiest way as far as i know. Many foreigners does this. But you must find work.

What ever the mode. I wish you good luck.


I first came to Sri Lanka in 1999 and loved the country and its people.
I did, and am still doing, what you are seeking to do. I have a little homestay on the famous homestay app ( we’re not allowed to advertise on this site )

I would be delighted to advise you.  We can’t leave phone numbers on this site.

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Thank you so much for your reply! I will surely look further into that 🙂 Best regards!

As we have seen my reply to you was censored. I don’t know how we are supposed to pass on any useful information.

This site is really completely useless. I really don’t understand what it exists for, or how it  exists.

Hi Christopher

You can use private messages to pass in any personal information.


Thank you Superman

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Hi Christopher,

So how did you manage to get a long term visa? did you invest $250'000 and then got a Business visa? We are in the same situation as off the grid, we have decided to move to Galle as a family and have our girls in an international school but we come without jobs, lots of ideas and volunteering projects but no visa. Any recommendations? I do speak 5 languages and hope to find a job there but is it realistic?
Thanks for any suggestions

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