Modest Canadian pension

Hi...born in Barbados...considering retiring there in 2 years...any info would be appreciated regarding suitable apartment. ..for single person... 1 separate bedroom... including kitchennet. .shower....the big word here is "modest " pension.😆

I am from Toronto and took early retirement. I have a modest 2br furnished about 2 blocks from the beach in Fitts village for 1400 bbd a month..Not sure on the one br cost

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I would advise you to post a free advert for your flat search in the Housing in Barbados section so that you may get some offers.

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Hi thanks so much for the info. ..I'm guessing that a "batchelor " in the interior of the island could be much cheaper!.. really all I need is a single bedroom...separate from living area and wash room...I bet you buy much of your food at the outdoor market! ..
Thanks again for your message...if you have any advice please get back.

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Hi thanks for the great info.... so... I'd need at least minimum 1500 Canadian per month?... for me...all I really need is a Batchelor app... like 1 bed room. ..and kitchenette! . But I heard food is expensive. ...
Well...thanks again for the info. ... any other ideas ...please message me.

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Hi Diksha,  thanks so much for the info! .. seems like my pension will pay for rent!. Then I'll have to steal to eat !

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