U.K. Family move to Brittany....need advice please

Hi , we are looking into moving to Brittany, we have french friends there that can help but we need advice from ex pats if possible .
I'm a fuel tanker driver in the U.K. I know there are tanker driving jobs in France but I speak zero french so that rules that out I think , I have tried I really have but goes in one ear and out the other .
Are there other driving jobs I can do there ??.
My wife works part time and can turn her hand to most things .
Our son is 16 and really into Golf and is learning scuba diving .
Our daughter is 11 going on 21 and is a little pocket rocket .
We will be bringing the dreaded in-laws to live with us too I think 😩😩
In a nutshell we are just after any advice on jobs etc or how you think we can fit in .
I'm sure I.ll have more questions to come .
Thank you in advance

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