Where should we live in NYC?

We’re a couple moving to NYC in a few months. Where should we live?
Have been visiting NYC many times before, and know many of the areas quite well. We are considering Upper West side (up to ca 75th str), maybe Upper East (not too far up), West Village and areas around, and also Park Slope in Brooklyn.
These are our criterias/wishes:
-Close to a bigger park, for walks with my dog, running ++
-Preferably a cozy area, with restaurants, small shops, yoga studios, not too much traffic, easy to get to know neighbours
-Regarding the apartment: Not too shabby buildings, would be perfect with new buildings with many facilities
-Easy access to line B, D F and M (going to work in Midtown)

Looking forward hearing from you!

It sounds like you've got it pretty worked out, and it just really depends on your budget. BK (Park Slope) is going to be cheaper, and potentially more inviting with neighbors and community, UES and UWS are going to be very nice but can get pricey, and WV is a bit busier, with older but nicer buildings.

BDFM don't go through WV but the 123 does. WV doesn't have the big park you're looking for either, so that would be a +1 to the other places you mentioned.

Thanks! We have 7-8000 $ to use in rent pr month. Think that UWS is better than UES because of the availability to subway.

Ooh ok yep, for that budget, I would definitely come here and then trial out a few different areas for a short period. That will give you the best feel! UES now has the yellow Q-line which is fantastic!

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