Possibility of moving from Work Permit B type to EU Blue card

Hi all,

I am planning to change jobs here in Belgium and was wondering if I can ask my employer to file for EU blue card instead of Work Permit B type (current status), assuming of course that I fulfill the criteria for the blue card.

Thanks in advance.



Your employer has no reason to do it. It's up to you to take care of it once your Belgian work permit is validated.

Professional card application is to be lodged by you,. not the employer. Can they wait till you get your professional card and are the ok to employ you with the professional card instead of a WP: Only your employer can answer this.

Thank you both for your reply.
I believe there is a confusion with regards to EU blue card.
It is NOT the same as a professional card (which is for self employment).
EU blue card is under a European directive which lets high skilled employees join companies in an easier way compared to local work permits (eg work permit B)
Below is the link for the same at the Brussels govt website:
EU blue card criteria

It would be great if someone currently on this permit could validate it.

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