Cebu Sinulog Festival Information


I will be arriving in Cebu January 16, and understand there is a festival that upcoming weekend.  I have booked a condo near Ayala Mall for a week.  Where in Cebu is it held, and how should I get transportation to where it is?

Is it a big deal?  Inquiring minds want to know.......

Easy to get to.  It is held around Fuente Osmena so you can just catch a taxi over then walk around. The parade will come right through the circle. Yes, it is a huge deal for Cebuanos and you should definitely see it. It is the festival of Santa Nino.. the Christ Child. There will be lots of crazy people and fun things going on for several days but culminating with the parade on that last Sunday.. it really gets to the spirit of the people, so don't miss it.

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