Salary and status dilemma

Hello Friends,

I know and read already a few threads in the forum but still, I haven't been able to decide what's best for me. Here I am opening 2 wider questions help me to answer if I should change my job or not.
1. I am living in Belgium for now almost 3 years now working for the same employer and suddenly I got to know I was eligible for Expat status but my company didn't file it for me and didn't inform me in the beginning and now its almost 3 years. Now they have started filing for everyone coming to Belgium.
2. I am earning 2300 net with the family of 3 excluding meal vouchers and other standard benefits (no car) my wife is also earning. I have total more than 8 years of experience in IT initially with all the talks it feels like the salary is pretty much ok but as we know in Belgium it didn't raise any further its almost constant for 3 years, now I am feeling like I am underpaid as I have good skills. I am now confused should I try in the market for a better offer (my target is 3000/- net) I don't know if 3000 net in hand is possible, The company I work for is also not bad, It's pretty relaxed, work-life balance-wise.
Please help to get me out of this delimma, Ofc I am trying for raise with current employer but in case if it didn't work?

Research the average income in Belgium.

Is money the secret of happiness?


Your situation is the same as that of many people who accept work abroad without having really taken the time to analyze and / or negotiate everything.

Now if it took you three years to learn that there was a special expat status in Belgium, it's that you were satisfied with your situation ...

Fiscally and financially speaking, the Belgian expat status is interesting. But on the other hand, it brings problems for obtaining a long-term visa / work permit in Belgium. And legally, it is disadvantageous because you are easily dismissible ...

That you want to win more is normal. But with the Belgian tax system, it is a bad idea to want to negotiate a higher net salary. Because it may make you pair in a larger tax bracket. It's a lot smarter to negotiate additional benefits like the company car and others ...

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